The Basic Lamarra Training is a unique and specialized method for rehabilitating aggressive dogs, behavioral problems, providing for your dog a positive state of mind, teaching him how to live in harmony with himself, his owners, the other animals and in a full connection with Mother Nature and his own instincts. 

The daily private lessons, introduces the dog to different environments as well as contact with others animals and balanced nutritional meals. The owners receive a Lamarra Canine Folder Orientation with training information & behavior tips and nutritional advice about which food is best for your dog.

Suitable for every dog, the Basic Lamarra Training is a two-weeks training program, which includes a dog diagnostic, consultations at the clients home and, according to the case, the dog stays a few days with Caio, his dog pack and Bella, his amazing Labrador Assistant, which has undergone the complete Lamarra Training: Basic and Advanced.
Caio says “Bella is my right hand and, when I am dealing with aggressive dogs, she is the one that tell me when the dog is ready for his next training step”
                                                           Lamarra Training is the best choice for your dog!