Homeopathic Remedies

Ms Luciane Gerodetti, a homeopathic therapist is developing a flower and plant based essence pet line using Brazilian flowers and plants.

Caio Lopes has started using these therapies in his work with dogs. 

When she talks about Caio, she seems fascinated with his gift “Caio Lopes is a very unique dog trainer and behaviour specialist. His natural talent is a heart-body strength that can communicate with even the most stubborn dogs.  He has his own way to do that, his techniques comes from his soul and inner knowing, what it shows us, is a man that creates a new approach to deal with dogs and dogs owners.”  

How can a man learn such language?  

“Although working with dogs is his deepest passion, Caio can resonate with any kind of animal. I believe this is a vibrational match to another realm of consciousness, and through that, he can help the animal achieve balance and well being in relations with human beings and other dogs. He loves them so truly, that I feel very blessed to know that my flower essences are in such good hands and used to help the animals.  Most of all, this is a labour of Love.”  

Flower essences are a natural way to help animals to heal emotional issues (Just the way they do with human beings).  Each flower has a vibrational information that can interfere and change a particular situation, bringing fantastic responses in treating emotional needs, fear, aggressiveness, challenged relationship and so on, and that’s the target of the blends she has been developing for Caio Lopes to use in his day to day work with dogs.  

The Essências Florais Brasil – Chapada Diamantina, counts on her 20 years experience in such field.  
Although the line is not completely finished, Caio Lopes has already started using them, with wonderful results.