We called Caio to help us with our 5 dogs. Caio came to our home and observed the dogs and us. We thought we were doing what was best for the dogs, letting them run in and out of the house. Our problem was walking Bella & Sheba. We have a little dog Maddy who had many fears and walking on the lead was one of them. Within a short time Caio had them walking nicely on the lead. Along with Maddy. I now enjoy regular walks with my dogs, they walk next to me and they can walk calmly with no barking or pulling. Caio trained me and my husband along with the dogs, he showed us how to be leaders and give the dogs boundaries. We now have well balanced dogs thanks to Caio. I highly recommend Caio.
Annette, Ourimbah


Breeds: Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Rottweiler X & Staffy X 

Before Caio, BC, our 2 boys were fighting with each other and this was resulting in big bills at the vets and a very unhappy home! It was very difficult taking them for a walk since they would pull and lunge at other dogs. We decided to Caio, he took our boys for a couple of weeks and when he brought them back, he taught us what our dogs needed from us and how to be pack leaders. We now walk them all every day, they don’t fight or dig holes anymore and we all are much happier. Caio has a special understanding with dogs, he is extremely competent and a great teacher, he really knows his stuff! I would strongly recommend Caio to anyone! Call him!!
Fatima & Mark Dowling              Newcastle 


Breed:  Bull Mastiff & Maltese Terrier  

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I'm forwarding this testimony of Caio Lopes fantastic work in training dogs. I phoned Caio and talked to him about my dog problems and we made arrangements for him to visit and view the interactions between myself and my dogs, they were uncontrollable and destructive.  On walks they would pull on the leads, dragging me along, they would pull me in every direction. Caios service included the training of my dogs and instruction to myself on a more effective way of handling them.  I now enjoy walking my dogs (no more lead pulling) and they are invited into in the house.
I am so very pleased with the results that I would have no hesitation in recommending Caio Lopes to anyone! 
Jo - Sydney 


Breed: Labrador x Greyhound    

My family bought a Labrador, (I had one when I was young and remember him being perfect!) we thought it was going to be smooth sailing, we soon learnt otherwise.  Our Labrador, Kirra tore up our backyard, peed and pooed inside and ripped up everything from her own bed to our treasured plants. Caio took Kirra for three days and kirra came home with the knowledge to sit, roll, lay down and go outside on command- all without yelling. 
Caio is a dog genius, a dog whisperer, he really loves dogs and they understand and respect him. I would recommend Caio to any person considering dog training or any kind of dog behavior- he is a warm, patient and caring person with people as well as dogs and it shows in his work. 
Simone Krainer Mona Vale, NSW 


Bandit's story  
I picked up a pup from the pound 18 months ago called Bandit.This poor pup had been living on a farm fending for himself with no human contac.
When arriving at my place, I had to carry him out of the car, he ran away from everyone.  From the beginning he persevered with a collar & lead but no way could you pick up the lead without him vomit, defecating & urinating everywhere 
After 3 weeks with Caio, I just could not believe my eyes, it brought tears to my eyes to see him change from such a frightened, terrified, cowing little boy to a fantastic young man that now walks beautiful on a lead & now has house rules he abides to.  Bandit & I started obedience classes and he is blitzing the class, I was so excited at all the confidence he showed after a short time.Weeks have passed & Bandit has been exceptional at his training & also now doing agility.
Thank you so much Caio, we could not have done this without you.
 Regards Bandit & Lynne

We never imagined that such  an incredible transformation in Macy's behaviour was possible in two hours but you did it, she's still the same affectionate, friendly Staffy she always was but so much easier to control on the lead and when engaged in more vigorous activities  such as going for a bike ride around the park with Macy alongside.
So thanks for training me as well, I now have a completely new understanding of what my dog requires I would recommend your services  to anyone.
John & Annie

Testimonial :  

Breed: Fox Terrier x Jack Russell      

Jasmine was very aggressive with other dogs, which inhibited where I could take her. One of my greatest wishes for her was that she could play with other dogs and enjoy their company- having fun. Caio trained my husband & Jasmine as well as me. He is so in tune with dogs and understands them and Jasmine straight away responded to his training. We realized that we just had to follow Caios lead We now spend happy times at the dog park where Jasmine plays happily with the other dogs, and at home, we can tell she is much happier in herself. Caio has such a passion for training dogs as he loves them and just wants them to happy & healthy. I would recommend Caio to anyone who would like help with any behavioral problems with their dog.  
Thank you Caio! 
Margaret Kennedy, Westleigh NSW 


Breed: Ridgeback      

Caios training was fantastic! Within hours, we were able to walk our dog on a leash. Walking is now a pleasure rather than a constant tug of war!  He went through the training step by step and explained very clear each step and the reasons behind all the training process. Our dog now responds straight away to voice commands and is a much relaxed and happier dog.  I highly recommend Caios services.  
Marcela Dalton, Forestville NSW  


Breed: Siberian Husky      

We thought owning a dog was going to be simple and we were proved wrong. We purchased Mya from a private breeder when she was just 8 weeks old.  She was starting to become aggressive and dominant of us. It was impossible to walk her as she was always pulling ahead of us and going in all sorts of directions.  Mya stayed with Caio for a period, as it would make her training more successful. After the training was over Caio spent a few sessions with us as a family to demonstrate to us how to react to Myas behaviour, he demonstrated speech and body language techniques for us to use. We certainly recommend Caio to any dog owner as he is trustworthy, knowledgeable and overall very friendly.      
Zara & Richard Habkouk. Thornleigh NSW